Print Campaign & TV spot for St. Joseph

Terry Vine image for St Joseph

One from a number of portraits and lifestyle images for a print campaign and TV spot for St. Joseph Health System, producer and shot for Thread Marketing Group.


Cigna HealthSpring Print Campaign

A few images from a recent print campaign for Cigna HealthSpring. Thank you to our fantastic talent on this project!

Kraft Singles

Terry Vine image for Kraft Singles

One of a number of images from a recent project for Kraft Singles, working with Lopez Negrete.

Recent Ad For Texas Beef Council


Here is one of the recent ads that we shot for the Texas Beef Council. Thank you to Belmont Icehouse and Melissa Ramoz for the opportunity to work with them and to our talented cyclist, Natasha!

Minute Rice Ad Campaign for Riviana Foods


A recent ad from the series we’ve been shooting for Riviana Foods and The Company of Others. Thank you to our fantastic talent for this shoot!

ONE EYELAND Picture Of The Day

Terry Vine image on One Eyeland

Excited to see that one of our Astronaut images was selected as Picture Of The Day at ONE EYELAND! Check it out at

Wyndham Resorts and Hotel Galvez

Terry Vine image for Hotel Galvez and Wyndham Resorts

Terry Vine image for Hotel Galvez and Wyndham Resorts

Here are a couple photos from the recent shoot for Wyndham Resorts, Hotel Galvez and Tremont House. Thank you to the wonderful talent we had to work with and to everyone at the hotels for all of your assistance. Next time you are at the Hotel Galvez, be sure to read up on the haunted 5th floor. There are some crazy stories! These are both very beautiful hotels with fascinating histories.

Christus Children’s Hospital ad campaign

Terry Vine Photography for Christus Children's Hospital



These are just a few of the shots from another fantastic shoot for Christus. This time for a print and broadcast campaign for the Christus Children’s Hospital. We had a great time on this shoot, with fantastic locations and terrific talent. Thank you to James and Dirk at The Atkins Agency and to everyone at Christus Hospitals.

Communication Art Photo Annual

Terry Vine images in CA Photo Annual

We are excited to have our work included in the 2013 Communication Arts Photo Annual. From the 5111 entries, this series from the South Texas College of Law Advocacy shoot was selected as one of the 130 winning entries. Thank you to our client and to David Powell and Rob Galloway for this great project!


Christus Hospitals New TV Spot

Here is one of the new TV spots for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio that we shot for Christus and The Atkins Agency.

What makes a Champion?

Take a look at our new video for the South Texas College of Law Advocacy program. We originally shot a series of still images for a printed brochure for the Advocacy program. It was getting such rave reviews that the school decided to recreate it in motion. This was a fantastic project. Thank you to David Powell and Rob Galloway for another great shoot!

CTC Portrait Series

Terry Vine portrait series for CTC

Terry Vine portrait series for CTC

Here are a few of the portraits from a series we recently shot for Richards/Carlberg and Central Texas College. The talent were actual students from the campus. CTC has classrooms on almost every military base in the world, so many of the students that we photographed are in the military. Thank you to all the wonderful students who spent part of their day with us!

Gold and Regional Addy Awards

Terry Vine photography for Texas Department of Health Addy Awards

Bringing home the gold!

Congratulations to Gretchen Hicks, Sherry Mathews Advocacy Marketing and our client Texas Department of Health for a great showing at the Addy’s. A series of the photos from the Mother-Friendly Worksite series won a Gold Addy in Austin, then went on to win a Silver at the Regional Addy’s. The brochure also won a Silver Addy Award! This was a fantastic project to be a part of and it’s exciting to see it doing so well!

Minute Rice Ad Campaign for Riviana Foods

Terry Vine photo for Minute Rice ad

Here is another ad from the Minute Rice campaign we shot for Riviana Foods and FKM Agency. We should have had ear plugs with us for this shot. Very energetic talent and lots of banging going on!

Christus Healthcare ad campaign

Here are a few shots from a recent shoot with The Atkins Group for Christus Healthcare. We spent a couple days shooting lifestyle images on location before heading inside to photograph at a number of their regional hospital locations.

STCL Advocacy Shoot

Terry Vine images for South Texas College of LawA few images from a recent project for South Texas College of Law, featuring their very successful advocacy program. This shoot was a wonderful collaboration, working with Art Director David Powell and Associate Director of Advocacy, Rob Galloway. Thank you to Blanchette Press for another incredible printing job! We’re also working on a video  for the Advocacy program, shooting a similar series of images in motion.

Goode Company BBQ

Terry Vine image for Goode Company Holiday Cover

Talk about a fun shoot! We recently completed the first round of an image library for  Goode Company BBQ. We were shooting for the launching of the new Goode Co. BB-Q e-commerce site and the soon-to-be-launched catering site. Their pecan pies are truly amazing! And we had to test them, and test them again… just to be sure. A huge thank you to Ally Lack of PRINCIPLE,  as well as Rachel and all the folks at Goode Co who helped on the numerous sunrise to sunset days of shooting!

Minute Rice Ad Campaign

Minute Rice ad by Terry Vine

Here is the first ad for a new Minute Rice campaign that we recently shot with FKM Agency. Great talent to work with and such a fun shoot!

Department of State Health Services

We recently completed another great shoot for Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing and the Texas Department of State Health Services. We previously shot a campaign promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, and this time the subject was Mother Friendly Worksites. We photographed working mothers in the home and in the worksite. Scheduling shoot days around feeding times and quick naps for the talent can prove a bit challenging!


New National Representation




We are very excited to announce that we are now being represented nationally by Blake Pearson at VISU Artists. It is an honor to be a part of such a strong group of photographers! Blake is traveling constantly showing portfolios, but if you haven’t seen him lately, please give him a call at 800 979 8478 to take a look at our new portfolio!

Also, as mentioned in the previous post, we are now represented in Texas by Big Picture Reps. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you on an upcoming project!



Welcome Big Picture Reps!

Big Picture RepsWe are excited to announce that we are now being represented in Texas by Big Picture Reps. Give Marta a call at 469-223-7555 to check out our new portfolio, to get one of our promotional pieces “Seven Assignments” or to have us collaborate on one of your upcoming projects!

Hormel Campaign

Terry Vine images for Hormel campaign

Here are a few images from a recent shoot for Hormel, shot on location in the Chicago area for BBDO. Our producer, Annika Howe, did a fantastic job, pulling this production together on a very tight time-frame. And thank you to Jen Straus, our food stylist, who came in from San Francisco to work with us on this project!

Paragon Casino, Game On!

Terry Vine images for Paragon CasinoWe recently had the exciting opportunity to shoot a new campaign for Paragon Casino working with Peter Mayer Advertising. I’d be hard pressed to think of another shoot where we had this great of food and music on set! We were shooting musicians, gaming, dancing and food shots for a series of ads and outdoor boards. You cannot imagine how loud the washboard is when you are sitting a few feet away from him while he plays on and on and on!!!

Sea Crest on Cape Cod

Terry Vine image for Sea CrestTerry Vine images for Sea Crest beach HotelWithin minutes of crossing the bridge onto the Cape Cod, we had to stop at the first seafood place we found to enjoy some local food – lobster rolls and clam chowder! It was fantastic! Our destination was the Sea Crest Beach Hotel, located on one of the few beaches on Cape Cod that actually has a beach that faces west and gets sunsets. We were fortunate to have a window of perfect weather between two large storms and we were able to capture some great moments of families enjoying the wonderful amenities of the area, playing on the beach, water sports, bike riding, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets. Thank you to the fantastic staff and their friends and family who stepped in to be our models!

Archive Magazine Ad

terry Vine image of girl running through sprinklerWe did this shoot to celebrate the last days of a long summer, and for an image to use in our new Archive Magazine ad. If you get Archive, check it out. Watching the joy on a child’s face as she runs through the sprinkler on a hot summer day is pure delight! Fun!